Tasha’s fudge is always innovating

Only last month was Valentine’s Day and soon it will be Easter and if you are in the business of “staying in business” you have to keep finding ways of making your product interesting and unique.

Tasha’s fudge hearts were the best gift for the “sweethearts” who wanted to show a symbol of their love. Of course on Valentine’s day many people think of chocolates and roses – but of course - fudge is really the only way to sweeten any relationship .
Taking the idea of romance further Tasha has offered mini fudge parcels as wedding favours for happy couples.

image1 17The smooth buttery fudge has become a winner because Tasha believes in doing things the old fashioned way like her Gran used to. In her Gran’s kitchen the cooking bug bit her, and since then she has been on a mission to make the world sweeter.

Tasha is not only a fudge guru – she is also a qualified chef and she loves to cook and try new recipes. But when you have found a winning fudge formula what do you do ...



Looking at the trends and also making items that appeal to a broad market has been part of her strategy. This has meant a growing interest by corporates who can give unique fudge gifts to their clients.

image2 17To innovate one has to keep the old (Grandma’s recipe) and also come up with a novel way to make Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge a must-have item.

Last year Tasha made little fudge rabbits in honour of the Easter Bunny. This year she has created little fudge Easter eggs. Her creativity is always stimulated when she travels – she recently returned from a trip overseas and says the best thing about travel is that it stirs up the creativity.

“I’m a creative person and when you are travelling you see things with new eyes. Everything seems different. Culture, language and styles affect the way a product is marketed. People make fudge and confectionery all over the world and one has to keep up with trends, and keep to the winning formula.

image3 17“At Tasha’s we like to experiment with packaging and also labels but it is great when an occasion like Easter or Valentine’s day comes along and we can add an extra flair.”

In the early days when Tasha was making her traditional fudge squares for a school tuck shop she has added her signature creativity in dollops. First she developed flavours to tantalise the taste buds – who had heard of ginger in fudge?

Now you can buy fudge Easter Eggs for your kids ... or yourself . Order online to make sure the Easter Bunny does not buy them all.

www.tashasfudge.co.za PS.........ORDER YOURS NOW!

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