OSA Restaurant

Staircase, stunning wallpaper and the circular lounge
I recently had the privilege of attending the media lunch at OSA Restaurant situated at Fairmont Zimbali Resort and Lodge on the beautiful Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate. The all-new OSA Restaurant serves authentic Indian fusion cuisine lovingly prepared by chef’s Seelan Naidoo, Melanie Moodley and Nesar Noorullah. A bit of background on the three chef’s creating the cuisine for OSA : Seelan Naidoo is the Chef De Partie (station chef or line cook – yes I had to look it up), Melanie Moodley is the Senior Sous Chef and Nesar Noorullah is the Executive Pastry Chef. Joining us for the media lunch was Executive Chef Dean Uren who oversees the resorts kitchens – 11 kitchens and a 77 member kitchen brigade.
Our set table, entrance to OSA and a light in the restaurant as seen from above
Maybe it is just me, but when Indian cuisine is mentioned I immediately think …… HOT! I don’t do too well with hot as I can’t taste the flavours and all I feel is my mouth on fire. If you are like me you can relax and make a booking straight away as this Indian fusion cuisine is full of flavor and spices and I didn’t grab for the drink once.
I am getting ahead of myself though and must mention that before we all sat at the decorated table to try out all the dishes, we were first gathered on the upper level of the restaurant. While we were seated on the fabulous circular couch we were served a delicious Tomato Shorba (aromatic tomato soup) as a pre-cursor of the flavours yet to be experienced.
Then an excited bunch of happy, chatting people made their way down the stairs to sit at the table and experience more Indian fusion flavours. The comprehensive menu at our places showed the dishes to try and I wasn’t the only one who thought that we would have to choose from the menu which dishes we wanted. In fact I tried everything on the menu except the Rock Cod Tikka (love fish but always scared of bones).
There were three Amuse-Bouche (bite sized portion of food served before a meal or in between courses) – Chicken Liver Tikka, Crispy Pur Prawn and Lamb Samosa. All three were amazing in their differing flavours and textures and I would have loved to eat more …… but there was still more food to come.
Soup, Samosas, Prawns and Chicken Livers
Next up to try were the curries – Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh, Prawn Korma and Paneer Tikka Masala. Everything was tender, saucy and beautifully spiced. My favourites were the chicken, lamb and prawn but I wasn’t keen on the paneer (just not something that I am particular to).
Tandoori Grills – Chicken Tikka, Rock Cod Tikka and Kashmiri Lamb Chaape (lamb chops marinated in Kashmiri spices). Loved the chicken and the lamb and in fact I had two lamb chops. I didn’t try the rock cod but others were making appreciative sounds at the flavours. There was rice and vegetables available to have with the curries and grills and I did have a tiny taste (yum) but had to keep space available to try the rest of the menu.
Prawns and Paneer Curries, Lamb and Chicken Curries, Chicken Tikka and Lamb Chaape
By this time I was wondering how I was going to fit in dessert but when you see that one of them is Crème Brulee you definitely have space. We were first served a wonderful Kiwi Lassi as a palette cleanser and then it was onto the dessert.
Indian Dessert Collection – Cinnamon, Chai and rose flavoured Crème Brulee, Golden Gulab Jamun (soft sponge soaked in sugar, pistachio, almond and golden leaf) and Kesari Kheer (rice pudding). Number one for me was the crème brulees (divine) with the crisp cracking top and smooth custard interior. The Golden Gulab Jamun had the texture of a doughnut and was lovely with its sugary sauce. The Kesari Kheer was not something I would order as I like sweet desserts but it did have an interesting texture.
Kiwi Lassi, Crème Brulee's and Kesari Kheer
As a finale to our awesome meal we were served the OSA Restaurant’s Signature Chai Tea.
Chai tea
Take a drive out to Fairmont Zimbali and experience for yourself the delicious flavours of Indian fusion cuisine.

OSA Restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Bookings are essential
Contact the Dining Concierge Desk 032 – 5385000
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5 Corkwood Drive
Zimbali Coastal Estate
If you were asking “did she have coffee?” Well of course I did! A lovely cappuccino served in a beautiful cup. After all I do Run On Coffee.
My cappuccino
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